Nippeash Waapemooash

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Nippeash Waapemooash means “Waters Rise Up” in reference to our enduring status as Fresh-Water People.  It is a newly developed tribal civics and rites of passage initiative to address the unique challenges Nipmuc Youth experience and to promote a positive sense of self-worth and cultural pride within the Nipmuc community.

The ultimate goal is to prepare our children for adulthood through a traditional approach that is guided by culture, family, and the values and traditions of their Nipmuc relations. Through a series of workshops and trainings, Nipmuc Youth are introduced to histories, traditional arts, agricultural practices, Nipmuc values, and tribal government processes in a year-long mentoring process with Elders, leaders, and knowledge keepers of the community.

Waters Rise Up supports the ultimate goal of the Nipmuc Indian Development Corp – to integrate NIpmuc culture and self-reliance into our modern lives and become our best selves, reclaiming not only our culture but also our spiritual and physical well-being.                                Kristen Wyman

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