Who Are We

The Mission of the Nipmuc Indian Development Corporation (NIDC) is to assist in the revitalization of the Nipmuc Indian community through the promotion and provision of culturally-appropriate community and economic development programs.

The NIDC is a non-for-profit Massachusetts corporation with a 501(c)3 designation.

Our Future

The NIDC was created in 1999 to serve the needs of the Nipmuc community. The NIDC intends to promote and broaden the cultural, economic, educational, and social levels of tribal members and their neighbors living within and without our homelands. Our goals include:

To foster community-wide interest and participation in the issues of the Nipmuc community, strengthening the cohesiveness and stability of the tribe;

To promote opportunities for tribal members to achieve economic self sufficiency through the development of educational, employment/job training, small business development and affordable housing programs.

To preserve, maintain, and provide Nipmuc social, cultural and educational programs for our children, elders, and families and the greater community.

Our Present

Our programs strive to blend Nipmuc traditions and self-reliance into our modern lives to become our best selves – reclaiming not only our Culture and People but our Spiritual and Physical Well-being.

We accomplish this by-

Using traditional methods to plant crops on the Hassanamesit Reservation to help feed the community.

Learning about and creating medicine with local plants.

Supporting tribal entrepreneurs by converting the Reservation cook shack into a commercial kitchen.

Assessing our community’s strengths and needs.

The NIDC also aids the Hassanamisco Indian Museum in fulfilling their mission to provide traditional education to tribal members by providing financial support.

Our Past

Nipmuc people are Algonquian-speaking “freshwater people” in reference to the multitude of lakes, streams and rivers throughout our traditional homelands of central Massachusetts, NE Connecticut, and NW Rhode Island. We lived for thousands of years with an intimate knowledge of the ecological processes, interdependent relationships and cycles of abundance and decline of foods and medicinal plants – which very much shape who we are as a people – – socially, economically, and politically. The community centers on our historic Hassanamesit reservation-approximately 3.5 acre property located within the town of Grafton, MA. The reservation is unique in Massachusetts for never have been owned or occupied by non-native people. What began as allotted land in a Nipmuc township transformed over the centuries to a traditional cultural property and symbol of tribal persistence and continuity.

Our Future

Self-Determination & Empowerment

Our people will be able to provide for ourselves as we did for thousands of years. We will renew our connection to the land & environment and living/nonliving beings that surround us. Tribal members will learn that we have a responsibility to this place and the people who came before and they in turn will teach their children and others.